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SurgiQual Institute et ses partenaires reviennent sur le projet MEDIATE dans la dernière édition du magazine ITEA.

MEDIATE est un projet européen dans lequel SurgiQual Institute a développé une application logicielle pour les ablation de tumeurs osseuses par radio-fréquence, intégrant notamment un environnement innovant dont interface vocale pour le chirurgien cardio-vasculaire…

« Another beneficiary of the MEDIATE project is SurgiQual Institute (SQI), which designed and developed an innovative clinical application whereby radio frequencies are used to suppress tumours. SQI also leveraged this work into a more general software environment including a web collaborative platform particularly adapted for planning patient-specific medical interventions. SQI has also already started developing two other applications in orthopaedics, one of them recently CE marked by an SQI customer. Beside medical interventions, a collaborative web platform is relevant as a central tool to run Digital Pathology Systems, secure outpatient/home care or optimise medical resources.

 Current SQI core development targets the optimisation of radiotherapy equipment. The resulting software will enter clinical evaluation by June 2014 at Centre Oscar Lambret, a leading European oncology centre. Thanks to the MEDIATE project, SQI has acquired a strong asset that is highly promising both in the image-guided intervention field and larger clinical markets where quality of communication matters. »

Lire la totalité de l’article en page 16 : ITEA Magazine May 2014 #18

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